Automated Bagging Machines
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Automated Bagging Machines

A Tension Polybagger packs soft and durable goods, requiring minimal employee training while delivering maximum labor efficiency.

  • Versatility

Tension's automated polybaggers have a small footprint and are often mounted on casters for mobility.

  • Easy to Use

Operator training is kept to a minimum with the bagger's intuitive and easy-to-use features.

  • Polybag Customization

Tension's TEN Tuff polybags come in a variety of sizes, colors and styles. Replenishment programs are available.


Sharp MAX 12™ and MAX 20™ Baggers

The MAX 12™ and MAX 20™ are designed for fast, accurate order fulfillment and can make an immediate impact in your distribution center. Versatile and easy to use, they are simple to maintain and make a difference where it counts - on your bottom line.

Sharp Max 24 Continuous Bagging System

Sharp's E-Z Bags(r) effortlessly feed through the new MAX 24 machine, are automatically opened, filled with product and then sealed. This entire procedure is completed in just seconds, while the next bag is automatically prepared with the vacuum assist to keep the process moving efficiently.

Sharp Max-Pro 18™ Autopacking Bagger System

The MAX-PRO 18 is a continuous autopacking bagger system ideal for large, sturdy contents. It runs packages up to 18" wide and has an 8" passthrough.

Sharp SX™ GO Tabletop Automated Bagging System

The SX GO is a compact, tabletop bagging system that can can fit bags up to 18" wide, one of the widest in the industry. It is easy to use and ensures consistent, reliable seals.

Sharp SX™ Tabletop Bagging Machine

Tension's tabletop semi-automatic bagging machine sets up in minutes and simplifies your hand-loading operation. A trusted system that has no air requirements, its compact design allows you to move it around your distribution center with ease.

Tension HPC-H4

This ergonomic, horizontal, automated polybagger combines the convenience of an integrated takeaway conveyor with the functionality of an easy-to-use packaging system.

Tension VAB - Variable Autobagger

Designed specifically for shipping variable size items, the VAB accepts a continuous stream of products, determines the optimum size for the length and creates a finished package.