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Sharp MAX 12™ & Sharp MAX 20™ Baggers

Vertical-Drop Automated Polybaggers

The MAX 12(tm) and MAX 20(tm) save time, save money and improve your productivity. These automated baggers operate significantly faster than a manual clerk.

Put a MAX bagger to work and increase worker throughput, avoiding training new staff just for peak times. Often called the workhorse of a distribution center, the MAX baggers can integrate with your warehouse management system.

  • Creates shipping-ready packages.
  • Customized options available for your specific operation.
  • Uses Tension's TEN Tuff polybags.
  • Off-the-shelf parts available.

The MAX 12(tm) and MAX 20(tm) use TEN Tuff polyfilm bag material, which can be customized with your company's logo or graphics.

It's no secret that automation can improve worker throughput and cut time-consuming activities, saving you money on your packaging process. The Max 12(tm) and Max 20(tm) are easy to integrate into your operation to make an immediate impact.

Save Money

The MAX 12 and MAX 20's Next-Bag-Out technology helps cut costly shipping mistakes by eliminating bag queuing and the mismatch of goods to packing bags. By using 1-to-1 indexing of scanned orders to printed bags, these polybaggers ensure that the "next bag out" matches the order.

Keep your maintenance costs down with the MAX 12 and MAX 20. Designed to minimize maintenance, each uses long-lasting heat sealing mechanisms and off-the-shelf parts that simplify and expedite repairs.

Save Time

The MAX 12 and MAX 20 run fast. The lightweight aluminum jaw keeps cycle times low, while the heavy-duty drive fingers quickly realign for loading the next package. Troubleshoot problem areas quickly using the manuals and video clips available directly on the touchscreen HMI.

Increase Throughput

Operation is quick and easy - TEN Tuff bags come off the roll or from a box and feed smoothly to the machine's opening mechanism. To operate:

  • Bag openers and vacuum assist have opened and expanded the bag.
  • The user places contents into the polybag.
  • The heat sealing mechanism securely seals the bag.

Address and shipping information can be printed directly onto the bag, which reduces operator involvement and boosts packing rates. Bags are available on rolls and in boxes, which hold more bags than on a roll.

Employee Training

Training and setup is part of Tension's standard contract and engagement. When installing your MAX 12 or MAX 20, a Tension Account Executive works with your operators to review the machine's operations. On-call support is available with a Tension Service agreement.

Contact Us

When business growth is outpacing your packing and shipping abilities, the MAX 12 and MAX 20 can make an immediate impact in your distribution center. Contact Tension to learn more about integrating this versatile polybaggerinto your current order fulfillment operation.

Product Specifications: 
  • Bag Width Range 2" – 20" / 5 cm – 50.8 cm
  • Bag Length Range 3.5" – 32" / 6.5 cm – 81 cm
  • Film Gauge Range 1 mil – 4 mil / 25 microns – 100 microns
  • Roll Diameter 10", 14", or fan folded in box
  • Actual throughput/output varies by operation. Factors including, but not limited to, staffing levels and productivity, workflow presentation, data/scanning interfaces, product availability and order/product mix impact results. Contact Tension for details.
Technical Specifications: 
  • Air feed: 80 psi
  • Base MAX 12" Machine:
  • Footprint: 45.3" wide x 39.7" long, With Imprinter 40.1" to 46.3" high
  • Weight: 293 lb/133 kg
  • Base MAX 20" Machine:
  • 52.6" wide x 49.8" long, With Imprinter 39.8" to 45.9" high
  • Weight: 348 lb/158 kg
  • Light curtain for quick cycling or optical finger switches
  • Handheld or tabletop scanner
  • Various infeed scoops and funnels custom designed for each product
  • Takeaway conveyor systems
  • Fully integratable with your WMS and shipping system
  • Poly Bags on a roll or in a box, custom printing available