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To handle 1,000-plus orders a day you need a system designed specifically for your floor plan and distribution center processes. Tension Packaging & Automation works with your distribution center staff, creating customized packaging solutions that make an impact where it matters most - your bottom line.

Tension's easy-to-implement outbound systems can make an immediate impact.

  • Reduce Labor Costs

Significantly lower the cost per package by decreasing handwork, and reliance on temporary staff during seasonal rushes.

  • Increase Order Speed

Improve packing speeds and throughput of your distribution center.

  • Increase Capacity

Handle more orders in the same square footage.

  • Ongoing Support

You can depend on Tension's service and support to team to work with you every step of the way from installation to full-scale operation.

NACDS 2020 Fulfillment Packaging & Automation
Tension HPS — Variable Length Polybagger (HPS)


Efficient and intuitive, Tension's Ploybaggers package both soft and durable goods. As part of your automation arsenal, this piece is built to deliver maximum efficiency with minimal training.

Automatic Bagging and Sorting Machine

The one-two punch of PACK+SORT technology will allow you to engage a system custom-built for your needs. With our HPC-H4 packing your shipments and our Z1 sorting, you'll be able to: Print shipping labels directly on the bag for easy scanning Add hand inducted packages for effortless sorting Sort to multiple carriers and service levels Verify weights for accuracy and rate shopping Open capacity on the carton line by handling polybags separately from cartons Add ergonomic comfort with the horizontal infeed/exit poly-bagging system
SP9000 Cold Seal

Cold Seal Autopackers

The Cold Seal Autopackers produce sturdy tear and water-resistant packages. Perfect for items that need more protection than a polybag but without the bulkiness of cardboard boxes, the two layers of TEN Tuff material, lined with latex coating, are joined to form a reliable and ready-to-ship seal.

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System Design and Integration with the HPS Polybagger

System Design and Integration

Tension Packaging & Automation creates custom solutions for your unique operation. Before designing your system, we study your current flow and look for sticking points in product transfers. We then recommend only the best, field-tested products that will easily integrate into your existing structure.