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MAX Vertical PrePacker (VPP)

Vertical PrePack Bagging System

The MAX Vertical PrePacker-VPP vertical bagging system is an efficient, automated polybagger dedicated to prepack order fulfillment. Protect your prepacked items from dust and other irritants by integrating a Tension VPP into your distribution center.

Rated at speeds above typical hand-packing operations, the VPP improves your throughput and efficiency.

  • Customizable to your specific operation.
  • Proven, field-tested MAX 20™ technology.
  • Clear bags for fast product identification.
  • Manuals and video clips on the HMI for quick troubleshooting.
  • Off-the-shelf parts to keep costs down.

The automated VPP can be used in a variety of industries, including e-commerce, catalog, direct response TV, order fulfillment clothing and soft goods, nutraceuticals or spare parts. 


Batch counters for efficient operations
Batch counters for efficient operations

Runs Smooth

Power unwind for positive bag-web control
Power unwind for positive bag-web control

Secure Packaging

Creates sturdy packaging to keep your products safe
Creates sturdy packaging to keep your products safe

On the Move

Mounted on casters for easy movement
Mounted on casters for easy movement

Integrate Tension’s automated MAX™-VPP vertical prepack bagger into your prepack operation to speed up your overall packing process and keep your distribution center’s products clean and safe.

How It Works: Pack and Seal

The simple operation of the VPP boosts your operator’s productivity - driving down labor costs per package. To operate:

  • The operate initiates the cycle.
  • Bag grippers and vacuum assist open the polybag.
  • The operator places the contents into the bag.
  • Using the standard foot switch or optional light curtain, the operator initiates the bag sealing process.
  • The completed package drops into a Gaylord or integrated take-away conveyor.

Downtime is kept to a minimum - material changeovers are easy, facilitating short runs and using multiple bag sizes. Turn your VPP into a MAX™ 20 by adding a printer and print barcodes, graphics and alphanumeric text directly onto the bags. 

Multiple Applications

This system is well suited for many prepack operations:

  • e-commerce,
  • catalog,
  • direct response TV,
  • order fulfillment clothing and soft goods prepack,
  • vitamins,
  • supplements,
  • nutraceuticals,
  • pharmaceuticals, and
  • spare parts distribution.

Custom Solutions

Tension can create and configure workstations specific to your operation along with both infeed and take-away conveyor system options. Contact Tension to learn more about how the VPP can make an immediate impact on your operation.

Product Specifications: 
  • Max 12™ Bag sizes - 2" x 4" up to 12" x 25"
  • Max 20™ Bag sizes - 2" x 4" up to 20" x 30"
  • Actual throughput/output varies by operation. Factors including, but not limited to, staffing levels and productivity, workflow presentation, data/scanning interfaces, product availability and order/product mix impact results. Contact Tension for details.
Technical Specifications: 
  • Electrical: 110 VAC, 50/50/Hz
  • 15/4 Amps
  • Air Feed: 5 CFM/80 PSI of clean dry air
  • Pass through: up to 6"
  • Bag thickness: 1.0 mil to 4.0 mil
  • Light curtain for quick cycling
  • Various infeed scoops and funnels
  • 203 Dpi thermal transfer imprinter provides high quality printed individual and variable information on each polybag
  • Take-away conveyor systems
  • PolyBags on a roll or in a box, custom printing available