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Custom Order Fulfillment Solutions

There's a lot riding on your distribution center. Orders come in and it's up to you to get them filled. Fast. Accurately. Low-cost. In the e-commerce order fulfillment world, your packing process must perform each time, every time.

It's no secret that automation can make an impact. Speed, efficiency and accuracy are noticeable and immediate benefits. Yet behind the scenes you require a trusted professional to learn about your operation and make the best recommendations.

A Tension Account Executive understands that each operation is unique and works with you to understand your goals and specific operation. Only then is a recommendation presented. From large-scale order fulfillment systems to modular, single automated units, Tension Packaging & Automation creates a best-in-class solution using proprietary systems and field-tested equipment.

Tension's creative ideas and innovative approaches enable us to find the right solutions to meet your order fulfillment requirements in a rapidly changing environment.

Right On

Automated order fulfillment solutions improve order accuracy
Automated order fulfillment solutions improve order accuracy

Per Package Impact

Tension's automated solutions decrease labor cost per package
Tension's automated solutions decrease labor cost per package

Productivity Boost

Improve your distribution center's productivity and capacity
Improve your distribution center's productivity and capacity

Maximize Headcount

Easy-to-use baggers help improve worker efficiency and with peak volumes
Easy-to-use baggers help improve worker efficiency and with peak volumes

We pull best-in-class, field tested components together so you don't have to. From design/build to implementation, your Tension Associate ensures we meet your unique goals and requirements. We stay with you after implementation to ensure you are trained to use and optimize your automated solutions.

Boost Your Bottom Line

Your solution may be a simple, versatile SX(tm) or you may need an integrated SLAM (Sorting, Labeling and Manifesting) line with multiple automated packers. Yet whatever your e-commerce distribution center looks like, a Tension solution is designed to grow with you.

A Tension automated solution can:

  • Automate the hand pack process and reduce the time necessary to handle orders.
  • Significantly lower your labor cost per package and reduce the number of full-time and temporary associates allocated to fulfill orders.
  • Increase order capacity within the same square footage, thereby increasing your efficiencies.

Training and Implementation

Once you've selected your Tension solution, we move to action. A training plan is developed so your operators feel comfortable and ready to go. And with Tension's easy-to-use solutions, it doesn't take long. Typically training and setup is completed within a week.

Service Agreement

Select a Tension Service Agreement to ensure that you can connect with your Tension Service Technician at your most critical times. Tension offers several levels of service agreements to match your needs and budgets.

Packaging Material

Your packaging not only delivers it contents from point A to point B, it's a messenger of your company image. Each time a customer sees your brand, make it count. Our polybags and consumable material can:

  • Brand your packaging with eye-catching graphics and promote your company image.
  • Create customer friendly and secure packaging options.

Whatever your Tension automated solution is, we have TEN Tuff packaging material to make it run.

Ongoing Relationship

Tension's automation expertise covers a wide range of disciplines including packaging equipment, software integration, conveyors, print and apply labelers, sorters, prepackaging equipment, carton erectors and multiple cohesive options. Tension's solutions are designed to grow with you as your business expands.

Product Specifications: 
  • Actual throughput/output varies by operation. Factors including, but not limited to, staffing levels and productivity, workflow presentation, data/scanning interfaces, product availability and order/product mix impact results. Contact Tension for details.