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Automatic Bagging and Sorting Machine

PACK+SORT Polybagging System with Multiple Sort Lanes

Optimize your eCommerce fulfillment with Tension's fully customizable PACK+SORT technology.

  • Handle polybags orders separately from carton orders to open up capacity on the carton line

  • Ergonomic, horizontal infeed/exit polybagging system

  • Prints shipping label on the bag face side up for easy scanning

  • System accepts hand inducted packages for easy sorting 

  • Sort to multiple carriers and service levels

  • Optional weigh scale for weight verification and/or rate shopping


Packing: HPC-H4

The ergonomic, horizontal infeed/exit polybagger combines the convenience of a handy work table and an integrated takeaway conveyor with the functionality of an easy-to-use Sharp MAX 20 packaging system. The HPC-H4 simultaneously offers a small footprint and large bag capacity of up to 20" wide x 30" long, ensuring an easy integration into your distribution center. Its 6" pass through meets most standard order fulfillment needs. Add an optional 10" pass through provides a solution that handles large items.

Sorting: eSORT Z1 Sorter

The Z1 is a zoned high-speed bi-directional transfer sort module that handles a wide variety of ecommerce and B-to-B cartons and polybag packages. With rates of up to 30 packages per minute, the zoned divert provides continuous contact surface across the zone to handle small and light weight packages. An easy to use HMI gives you lane divert choice control and verifies that packages were sorted to the proper gaylord.