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The best solutions, selected for you.

Your distribution, your staff, and your goals are unique. Our wide array of packaging solutions and technologies allows us to transform your distribution center into a monument of efficiency. Tension can assist in redesigning workflow and tackling your fulfillment operation's sticking points.


Tension understands that your business may be seasonal. Tension's solutions are scalable for your peak busy seasons. Because many of our products are easy to use, training for new employees is frequently kept at a minimum.

Catalog order fulfillment

Automated Bagging Machines

Efficient and intuitive, Tension's Polybaggers package both soft and durable goods. As part of your automation arsenal, these machines are built to deliver maximum efficiency with minimal training. Our Polybaggers will deliver versatility and ease of use.

Automated Bagging and Sorting System

The one-two punch of PACK+SORT technology will allow you to engage a system built for your needs. Tension's PACK+SORT combines the high-impact HPC-H4 (Horizontal PolyBagger and Conveyor) along with our high-speed bi-directional transfer sort module .

Variable-length, Ready-to-Ship Packaging Creation

Designed to minimize waste, the PolyBubble AutoPacker-V2 (PBAP) creates variably-sized packaging. The system creates efficiencies in your order fulfillment operation by using only the packaging material that is needed.

Tougher Packaging for Added Protection

Cold Seal Autopackers produces sturdy tear and water-resistant packages. Perfect for items that need more protection than a polybag and are less expensive than cardboard boxes.

Shipping Materials

Tension's TEN Tuff packaging materials ensure your orders arrive intact and on brand. Specifically designed for your automated system, TEN Tuff materials are a perfect complement to your Tension automated solution.