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Self-sealing Mailers
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Self seal handpack polybags

Hand-Pack Poly Mailers

Tension's self-sealing mailers are water, tear and puncture resistant. These hand-pack envelopes are standalone products - they do not require the use of a polybagging machines. Tension offers both polybag and polybubble options. Our hand-pack poly mailers are:

  • In stock and ready to ship
  • Printed and non-printed available

Shipping and handling charges will be applied. Bags are shipped from our Kansas City, MO location and have a 6 case minimum order.

For more information about our poly mailers, Contact us or call 714 378-5902.

  • Hand-Pack Polybag Mailers

    Hand-pack polybag mailers have strong side seams, a generous seal flap and a secure closure to provide a lightweight option for shipping your ecommerce order fulfillment orders.

    Our polybags include a pressure sensitive self-seal adhesive tape strip that is secure, tamper-resistant and easy to use.

    Hand-pack polybags are a great solution for a wide variety of mailing applications including the shipment of soft goods, clothing, shoes, costumes and mail-order prescription drugs. 

  • Hand-Pack Polybubble Mailer

    Hand-pack polybubble mailers provide added protection for small, lightweight and fragile products you need to ship in the mail.

    The polybubble bags include a pressure sensitive seal adhesive tape strip that is secure, tamper resistant and easy to use.

    Hand-pack polybubble mailers are a great solution for products that require more padded protection during the shipping process.