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Your shipping bags have an important role - to safely deliver their contents while maintaining your brand's promise. Complement your high-performing Tension automated system with TEN Tuff packing material.

Tension's TEN Tuff packaging material protects orders from the elements. Choose the TEN Tuff material that matches your packing system and your contents for optimal performance. 

  • Customize

TEN Tuff "consumables" come in a variety of colors and sizes. Include logos, branding messages or even special openers.

  • Sturdy and Protective

Trust Tension's packaging to withstand the rigors of the shipping and mailing process.

  • Minimize

Keep your system's wear and tear to a minimum with packing material designed specifically for your unit.

Packaging Materials
Polybag rolls

TEN Tuff Polybag

TEN Tuff polyfilm packing materials are available throughout the lifetime of your polybagger. Coextruded and multilayered, these high-density mailer polyfilms are strong and provide excellent opacity. TEN Tuff polyfilm are used with Tension's polygbaggers.
Easy-opening device

TEN-Tuff® Cohesive Material

Tension's TEN Tuff packaging materials ensure your orders arrive intact and on brand. Specifically designed for your automated system, TEN Tuff materials are a perfect complement to your Tension automated solution.