TEN Tuff Polybag

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Polybag rolls

TEN Tuff high-density mailer polyfilms provide safe and secure packaging. Their opacity and strength protect documents, soft goods, DVDs and mail-order nutraceuticals and prescriptions.

  • Customized

These co-extruded, multi-layer polybags are available in multiple sizes, thicknesses, colors and styles depending on your operation.

  • Pre-Ordering Programs

Get peace of mind that your packaging material is stocked and always available.

  • Versatile

Machine changeovers and reloads are easy with TEN Tuff polybags.

  • 1. White/Silver


    Coextruded white/silver poly-films make safe and secure order fulfillment packages. 1.0 mil - 4.0 mil available.

  • 2. Clear/White

    The best of both worlds, clear/white polybags showcase your product on one side and allow for printing form/NDC numbers on the other.
  • 3. Clear/Clear

    Clear/Clear Package

    Keep your prepack products visible, clean and free of dust with two-sided clear films.

  • 4. C-Fold

    C-Fold Rolls

    Cost-effective C-Fold polyfilm material creates a sturdy seal and tamper resistant package. 1.5 mil - 3.0 mil available.

  • 5. Printed Graphics

    Printed Graphics

    Make your packaging pop with color printing. Coextruded films can be printed using up to six colors with process and screen prints available.