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Automated Sorting and Manifesting System

Easily Package Pharmacy Orders with Tension's Automated SMS

Tension's Sorting and Manifesting System (SMS) weighs, labels, sorts, records and manifests hundreds of orders per hour. Minimal staffing is required at the entry and take-away points on the sorting system.

When integrated into your operation, the SMS can reduce:

  • Errors.
  • Staffing.
  • Space requirements.
  • Shipping costs.

Tension's automated sorting and manifesting system is fully customized based on your central-fill, mail-order or specialty pharmacy. A Tension Associate will look at your overall operation and recommend the specifications to optimize your throughput. The SMS allows for various sizes, configurations and unlimited sorts to accommodate your pharmacy's unique requirements.

Expedite Pharmacy Order Sorting

Tension's automated sorting and manifesting system expedites the weighing, labeling and manifesting of your courier and mail service packages. In typical operations, the SMS can decrease your staffing requirements, allowing you to redeploy the resources elsewhere in your pharmacy.

Flexible and Customizable Solution

Flexibility is key, and Tension's sorting system is fully customizable. This adaptability allows for various sizes, configurations and unlimited sorts to accommodate your pharmacy's unique requirements.

  • An intelligent fill pad allows for a variation of package weight and size.
  • Operators control the sort locations, which are available as dual- or single-sided dispense.
  • The SMS provides a wider breadth of sort locations than static-only sortation systems. This minimizes capital expenses and space requirements.

Tension's automatic sorting, labeling and weighing system can be integrated into your existing operation or designed as part of an entire pharmacy automation solution.

Optimize Operations

In typical operations, your packages enter the SMS on an induction belt and move onto a scale for weighing. The weigh scale allows for rate shopping, selecting the most economical rate. The SMS then prints and applies carrier compliant labels on-demand. An overhead omni-directional barcode scanner reads the customer-specific LPN or shipping label for verification, and the finished package is diverted to the appropriate bin, sack or tote for shipping.

The SMS records a package log, or manifest, of all outgoing packages. Tension Packaging and Automation's tracking system allows post-packaging monitoring of packages through the system for easy access to canceled or modified orders that have already been packed or closed out. This frees your staff to move on to other value-added activities after quickly addressing issues.

Product Specifications: 
  • Actual throughput/output varies by operation. Factors including, but not limited to, staffing levels and productivity, workflow presentation, data/scanning interfaces, product availability and order/product mix impact results. Contact Tension for details.