Jumpstart Family of Pharmacy Systems

Energize and Expand your Pharmacy
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Jumpstart Family of Pharmacy Systems

Energize and Expand your Pharmacy

The JumpStart Family of Pharmacy Systems allow mail-order, central-fill, hospital and specialty pharmacies to enjoy the benefits of pharmacy automation without a high minimum script threshold. Requiring low capital and minimum space, the Jumpstart can help your pharmacy leapfrog the competition with a system that grows with you.

JumpStart Systems feature a center tote conveyor line, then includes processing stations and additional lines at multiple levels depending on your pharmacy's configuration. Benefits:

  • Reduces costs and errors.
  • Allows you to automate sooner.
  • Optimizes your workspace.
  • Fits within a small footprint.

Traditional workflow solutions require operations personnel and pharmacists to move around the pharmacy and fill orders. The Tension JumpStart Systems are designed to bring orders to your team, allowing it to be more efficient.

Tension KickStart 2-Level SystemKickStart 2-level System

The Tension KickStart is the entry level system that can be used with or without pill counting robots.

  • Unique 2-level circular tote ring rotates with tote stops at each workstation
  • Top level handles totes for order induction, dispensing and packaging
  • Lower level ring efficiently handles totes for Pharmacy Verification
  • The system fits in 1,0000 sq. ft. and can process 1,000+ items per 8-hour shift



JumpStart 4-level System 

The JumpStart 4-level System is the mid-level system with a multi-level linear conveyor that quickly delivers totes to the appropriate work station for processing.

  • The top 2 levels deliver totes to the manual countables and unit of use dispensing workstations

  • The middle level quickly delivers totes to the Pharmacist Verification workstation

  • The lower level returns empty totes from any point in the system back to the front for reuse on new orders

  • The system fits into 2,500 sq. ft. and can process 3,000+ items per shift

JumpStart+PLUS System 

Supercharge your JumpStart System by adding the High Volume PLUS module for more high speed counting robots.

  • A unique 3-level tote handling conveyor spur is configured to handle various numbers of pill counting robots

  • Order induction, verification and packaging of countable drugs handled all in one line

  • If Unit of Use drugs are required to complete the order, the totes are passed on the to the JumpStart System for continued efficient handling

  • Fits in 4,000 sq. ft. and can process 7,000+ items per shift depending on robot configuration