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Single Vial Pharmaceutical Packaging Machine

Dispense, Pack and Label Prescription Orders with the Single Vial Packer (SVP)

Tension's single vial pharmaceutical packaging machine, known as the Single Vial Packer (SVP), automates the packaging of single bottles or vials, saving you labor expenses and increasing throughput of your mail-order, central-fill or specialty pharmacy. With the SVP three-step order verification process, you are assured accuracy, every time. The mid-output system:

  • Prints and folds patient-specific paperwork. 
  • Labels shipping bag with patient or clinic information. 
  • Automatically dispenses prescription bottle and paperwork into bag.
  • Diverts non-conforming bottles and vials for further inspection.

The SVP reads the barcode on your patient's bottle or vial then prints patient-specific documentation. The bottle or vial is automatically placed into a polyfilm shipping bag with the other documents. The shipping label is printed, the bag is sealed and automatically placed onto an outbound conveyor.

Integrate a single vial pharmaceutical packaging machine into your pharmacy and automate the time-consuming hand packing process. The SVP starts where your dispensing process ends. Once a pharmacist verifies and caps the bottle, a conveyor takes your patient's prescription to the SVP for processing and packing.

Quickly Dispense, Pack and Label Prescription Bottle Orders

The SVP operates significantly faster than a manual clerk by reducing the packaging time for each order and therefore your cost per script. Quicker packing frees up your pucks and totes so they can transport other orders for faster processing.

As single bottle or vial orders enter the SVP, the system identifies the prescription and begins printing the corresponding paper work for the order. This includes:

  • Medical guides.
  • Patient advisory leaflets.
  • Additional required paperwork, such as marketing information.

While the paperwork prints, the system feeds a shipping bag and labels it with patient- or clinic-specific shipping information and required barcodes. Then the paperwork is verified, folded and inserted into the shipping bag. The SVP then removes the prescription bottle from the puck-based delivery system and inserts it into the pre-addressed bag, then sealing it for delivery.

Three-Step Verification Process for Assured Accuracy

Along the way, each patient-specific barcode is scanned and matched to the order. If the bag, bottle and/or document barcodes do not match, the system rejects the order, diverting it to be reviewed by a technician. With Tension's Auto-Reject feature, the system will continue to operate while the technician reviews the rejected order. 

Once packed, the bag is placed onto a conveyor and whisked away for further processing. All of the packaging activities and related prescription information are captured by the SVP for future use.

Product Specifications: 
  • Actual throughput/output varies by operation. Factors including, but not limited, to staffing levels and productivity, workflow presentation, data/scanning interfaces, product availability, order/product mix impact results. Contact Tension for details.