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Printer Folder Inserter (PFI)

Manage On-Demand Patient Documents Seamlessly

Lower your costs, improve efficiency and maximize floor space with the Paulus PFI, an on-demand color printing, folding and inserting machine. The PFI will print, verify, fold and insert your patient’s documents and related marketing material automatically.

The PFI's color printer can produce patient-specific documentation, as well as fold and insert preprinted marketing material that has been loaded into one of its multiple bins. Material can include:

  • Transpromotional marketing materials.
  • Prescription documentation including Med Guides and receipts.
  • Medication images for easy customer cross-reference. 

The PFI integrates easily to a tote or boat conveyance system to marry with patient medications. Using RFID and barcode technology, the PFI reads the tote ID, then prints, folds and barcode verifies the documents. All documents are then inserted into the tote or shipping carton. 

Peace of Mind

Image printing allows customers to cross-reference medication
Image printing allows customers to cross-reference medication

Revenue Boost

Insert cross-promotional material to market additional products
Insert cross-promotional material to market additional products

Increased Accuracy

Barcode and RFID-driven document verification improve accuracy rates
Barcode and RFID-driven document verification improve accuracy rates


Produce crisp half-fold and quarter-fold documents to insert into packaging
Produce crisp half-fold and quarter-fold documents to insert into packaging

Lower Costs and Increase Accuracy

The Paulus Printing, Folding and Inserting (PFI) machine automates the printing, verification and dispensing of customer-specific prescription documents. By working hand-in-hand with your carton and tote line, you’ll see the PFI lower costs, increase efficiency and maximize your floor space.

Tension's PFI, featuring a RISO color inkjet printer, prints, folds and inserts all required patient documentation before reaching your pharmacy’s packing station. The automated process eliminates the need for human intervention, speeding up the fulfillment process in the downstream pack stations and the overall pharmacy. Pre-prescription costs can be reduced as a result of lower staffing requirements; barcode and RFID verification helps further reduce the potential for human error in your pharmacy.

Include Medication Images on Patient Information

The PFI can directly interface with your marketing systems and consumer and educational databases, allowing you to include images of your patient’s medication directly onto patient documentation. Referencing the pharmacy’s medication image library, the PFI prints a high-resolution image of a dispensed pill directly onto the patient’s information sheet, allowing the patient to cross-reference the pill with what is in the bottle. The imprint code, color and shape of the pill are clearly visible, giving patients a vibrant visual cue to help them verify their order. This helps give patients – particularly the elderly and those who have multiple prescriptions – added confidence that they have the correct prescription when organizing their medications.

Print Cross-Promotional Material

An additional benefit is the printer’s seamless connection with client software to create transpromotional opportunities. When integrated into your databases, related cross-promotional material can be variably printed on patent documentation. Additionally, you can include preprinted documentation in the printer feeds for insertion into the totes. For example, when a patient comes in to pick up a prescription for a cholesterol medication, the pharmacy can include a color coupon for other products related to the management of the condition. This has proven particularly effective for pharmacies in supermarket and drugstore chains.

Various options are available based on your needs and configurations. No matter what type of pharmacy you manage – central-fill, mail order or specialty – you’ll be impressed with the efficiency of the PFI. Your patients’ documents are printed from multiple paper trays, scanned and verified before transpromotional materials are added, and the documents glide through to be folded and dropped into a tote or carrier system all without human intervention.

Product Specifications: 
  • Actual throughput/output varies by operation. Factors including, but not limited, to staffing levels and productivity, workflow presentation, data/scanning interfaces, product availability, order/product mix impact results. Contact Tension for details.