System Design and Integration

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Tension's automated pharmacy solutions are designed to grow with your business. Trust Tension to improve your pharmacy's workflow, reduce your prescription costs and improve your accuracy.

  • Customized

A Tension Associate will work alongside you from design and build to implementation and maintenance.

  • Any Stage

New and retrofitted operations can benefit from pharmacy automation.

  • Field-tested

Tension combines best-in-class components with exclusive products for your custom solution.

  • Especially for You

Proven solutions for hospital, mail-order, central-fill, specialty and retail pharmacy operations.

Custom Solutions

Consulting and Design Services

Tailored to your pharmacy's unique requirements and specific goals, Tension's custom solutions provide automated systems to improve throughput in new and retrofitted operations. Whether you have a high-output operation or smaller pharmacy, a Tension Associate works with you from the project's inception to design the right solution.