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The Perfect Fit

Part 1, Sustainable Packaging Solutions

According to a recent study, 72% of Americans would be more likely to purchase again from brands that ship sustainably (i.e., use less plastic). This research resonates with our customers, as many have expressed to us the need for sustainable packaging solutions. 


Tension Packaging & Automation is an organization committed to our environment and our customers. We offer a variety of sustainable packaging solutions (including the means for customers to use less plastic when packaging goods) from equipment to consumables, with precision focus on quality in all we do.  


Improving Sustainability Through an Operational Approach 


Sustainability goes beyond consideration for our environment; it’s taking responsibility for the environment and incorporating sustainability into your operations, processes, and entire approach to business. 


Through our Lean and Continuous Improvement culture, Tension strives to offer the highest quality in everything we do. This translates into durable, quality paper and poly consumable options that better protect the contents inside the package, which eventually reduces landfill waste from damaged items. The same approach to quality holds true for our equipment — and in the case of our HPS-300 variable length poly bagging system, we can create a poly bag that is right-sized for a product, reducing the amount of material needed for the package and ultimately the waste produced.  


Ultimately, by using quality consumable materials yet less of them when we create our packages, we better protect our environment both from potential waste inside the package and from the package itself. 


The HPS-300 Variable Length Poly Bagging System for eCommerce Automation 


Our customers expressed a need for an eCommerce packaging solution that accepts a continuous stream of different sized goods while using less material than a fixed-size bag and with a variable cutoff. Packages are right-sized to help reduce packaging waste, and the HPS-300 uses cost-effective C-Fold poly film material with a heat seal to create a tamper-resistant, durable package. 


Designed specifically for shipping variable size items, the HPS accepts a continuous stream of products, determines the optimum size for the length and creates a finished package. It’s an ideal solution for packaging clothing, soft goods, shoes and boxed items. It is also modular in design, which enables us to add different features depending on customers’ needs, such as rate shopping, weight verification and pre-weights. 


Variable length bags created on the HPS-300 save costs on material, resulting in a tighter, smaller package. The easy-to-operate HMI touchscreen control panel enables the system to be operated by a single user. This is a major benefit in our current environment where labor is hard to find (stay tuned for Part 2 of this post to learn how our eCommerce packaging solutions can help organizations navigate labor shortages). 


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Tension Packaging & Automation is a leader in complete packaging and automation solutions for the eCommerce and pharmacy automation industries. Tension designs and builds equipment and systems, in addition to providing the consumables, software, service and support that help pharmacies and eCommerce fulfillment centers optimize productivity. 


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