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We're on Call for Ongoing Support

When you work with Tension, you gain a support team, ready to help you get the most from your investment. Depend on Tension to work with you every step of the way from design-build to full-scale operation.

Installation and Implementation

Helping you select the best automated solution for your business is only one step of the process. Tension ensures your equipment is installed correctly, and integrates with your IT system for a smooth start-up. 


Tension develops a training plan well before your automated system is built or installed. Tension trains both your operators and technicians during the startup and commissioning period to ensure they are prepared, confident and trained. 

Operators walk away with a base knowledge of:

  • HMI and system operation.
  • Fault recovery.
  • Replenishment.

Through training your technicians will:

  • Gain the base knowledge imparted to operators.

  • Learn how to perform general service maintenance.

  • Receive an overview of the machine's mechanical and electrical systems.

  • Review system mechanical drawing and schematics.

  • Understand the machine's spare parts requirements.

In addition to hands-on training, Tension provides supporting documentation and manuals for your team's reference throughout the machine's lifetime. In some cases, training manuals are accessible through the system's HMI.

Service, Support and Maintenance

Our relationship does not end after installation. Tension's sales and support team remain committed to your success throughout the life of your product or contract. Standard and premium customer service plans are available to meet your ongoing needs for support, which may vary based on location, on-staff expertise and usage. Tension's options let you select a maintenance plan that's right for you. 

In addition to the training provided to your staff and the support delivered by an ongoing service agreement, Tension warranties your system. Tension has the industry's best warranty, covering the system for 365 days on non-wear parts and labor. 

Tension typically includes preventative maintenance as part of your service plan. Preventative maintenance allows you to stay on top of machine wear and tear that can lead to slower performance.

Tension bags and basic supplies, or TEN Tuff "consumables," are available. Purchase as needed, or sign up for the automatic replenishment program if available.