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BPM Bottle Packaging Machine

Product Spotlight: BPM (Bottle Packaging Machine)


One in an occasional series to highlight popular products.

The global online pharmacy market is expected to reach more than $210 billion by 2028, up from $69 billion in 2020. This significant growth represents exciting opportunities for mail-order and central-fill pharmacies yet it can also pose a sizable operational challenge as business needs are scaled.



What is the BPM?


The BPM or Bottle Packaging Machine is a high output bottle and vial packaging system for mail-order and central-fill pharmacies. With throughputs* of up to 10 times that of a packing clerk in a high output pharmacy, this fully automated system packs prescriptions and patient-specific documents in bags that are printed on-demand.

*Actual throughput is dependent upon multiple factors including staffing productivity and performance, workflows, data interfaces and availability of product to the system.



Automated Bottle Packaging Equipment for Pharmacies


The BPM offers best-in-class bottle automation and fill-pack technology for pharmaceutical filling machines with its:

  • Scan–Print–Pack–Seal™ configuration
  • Print on-demand patient documents
  • Tension’s Auto-Fold Technology
  • Power unwind feature for positive bag-web control
  • Multi-step verification

Additionally, multiple configurations for a customized BPM system are available based on your needs and configurations.



Ensure Accuracy and Efficiency with the BPM


The BPM features a multi-stage scan verification process and remains the most accurate and efficient solution on the market today:
Perscription bottles on a conveyor system

  1. Each patient-specific barcode is automatically scanned and matched to an order.
  2. Patient-specific documents are printed, scanned for verification and folded without human intervention.
  3. All prescriptions and documents are inserted into the printed or labeled package, and the patient’s order is sealed.

If any of the scans do not read or do not match, the system rejects the order for review by a technician.


The BPM is the Ideal Bottle Packaging Machine for Pharmacies


Tension’s BPM runs in mail-order and central-fill pharmacies at rates of 600 packages per hour and higher. Easily interfaced to single bottle lines or puck-based conveyance systems, the BPM provides the accuracy, throughput and efficiency of space to optimize your pharmacy.


Video: The BPM in Action

Watch this video of how our BPM provides multi-stage verification to assure accuracy for your patients.



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Give your mail-order or central-fill pharmacy operations an efficient boost with the Tension BPM. Contact us to get started today, or check our product page for more details.


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