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fitPACK 500

Product Spotlight: fitPACK 500 Right-Sized Packaging System 


Growth in direct-to-consumer (DTC) business and labor shortages have led to increased investments in warehouse and packaging automation. Distribution operations are faced with needs for more throughput, cost performance in automated packaging equipment and sustainable solutions – all demands in addition to a changing warehouse model from eCommerce to a hybrid of eCommerce and retail fulfillment where split-case fulfillment and smaller pack sizes are needed to satisfy the new business model for warehouses. 


Our product innovation team is equally aware of the growth and changing needs in order fulfillment and have come up with the perfect solution in our new, innovative fitPACK 500 Right-sized packaging system. 


What is the fitPACK 500 Right-sized Packaging System? 


Designed by Tension Packaging & Automation and Made in the U.S.A., the fitPACK 500 is a “right-sized” order fulfillment packaging system. It is designed for efficiency, reduces waste and creates cost savings. Tailored for variable sized items with capabilities to adjust package length, width and height for each product, it packages without compromising speed. Because the fitPACK 500 can create a package according to size, it yields smaller, tighter, right-sized packages that lead to lower shipping costs.   


fitPACK 500 Right-sized Packaging System Benefits 


Through its innovative design, fitPACK 500 offers warehouse distribution operations the ability to create packages according to the product size. This allows distribution centers to process orders with multiple products in varying sizes with right-sized packages, yielding reduced shipping costs and without compromising throughput. 


  • Productivity – fitPACK 500 is custom-designed to create a right-sized package without compromising throughput.
  • Reduced Package Waste – Because fitPACK 500 creates each package according to product size, package recipients receive packages with reduced package waste. A waste collection bin collects any excess width trim material.
  • Lower Shipping Costs – Because many carriers assign shipping costs according to package size, having the right package size helps get the correct shipping rate and can lead to significant savings on shipping costs over time.
  • Product Protection – Packages are custom-made to fit each product or grouping, creating secure, tight packages to protect the contents better.
  • Intuitive HMI – fitPACK 500 is powered by Tension’s proprietary TensionConnect software that integrates any 3rd party systems. Its smart features include an intuitive user interface that reduces operator training time.
  • High Versatility – fitPACK 500 can run different product sizes that call for different film widths through an intelligent 3D scanner. Its unique design allows operators to feed products without batching products or performing manual film changeovers.
  • Modern Modularity – fitPACK 500 has enhanced options for further improving productivity. Available upgrades include an LPN printer to provide package verification, complete packaging tracking capabilities, and an option for “two-way” packaging with a perforation and adhesive strip for package returns.


Who Needs fitPACK 500 Right-sized Packaging System?


Tension’s fitPACK 500 Right-sized Packaging System is ideal for direct-to-consumer (DTC), business-to-business (B2B) or third-party logistics (3PL) order fulfillment operations who need automated packaging solutions. 

And as a full solutions provider, we offer integration solutions for any existing hardware or software solution in your facility. We also offer comprehensive service and support plans to lend our partners peace of mind in their dynamic and sometimes demanding warehouse environments.


Take a Tour of the Interactive fitPACK 500 Product Video 

With capabilities to adjust package length, width, and height, the fitPACK 500 can create a package according to product dimensions, yielding smaller, right-sized packages that lead to lower shipping costs. Please tour fitPACK 500 through our interactive video experience and learn why fitPACK 500 is the perfect fit for your order fulfillment. Request your demo of this revolutionary right-sized packaging system here.


Contact Us 


Give your order fulfillments operations the perfect fit for growth with Tension’s new, innovative fitPACK 500 Right-sized Packaging System. Contact us to get started today or check our product page for more details. 


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