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Simplified Shipping Solutions from the USPS Part 3: AI and Beacon Technologies for Packages



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The USPS® continues to seek new and innovative ways to improve the shipping process for businesses of all sizes. In our recent Simplified Package Solutions from the USPS series, we explored USPS Connect and its convenient local, regional, national delivery and return offerings, UPS Innovation, and USPS Informed Delivery for packages. In this post, we will discuss some of the latest advancements in AI and beacon technology that can help make package delivery more efficient and insightful than ever before. 


The USPS and AI Technology


One way that the USPS is working to improve package delivery is through artificial intelligence (AI) technology.  


  • Advanced Expected Delivery (AExD) – Advanced Expected Delivery (AExD) is AI technology that uses historical data and carrier route data (e.g., delivery time of day) to more accurately predict deliveries.  
  • AIVA – The USPS is also leveraging AI through artificial intelligence virtual agents (AIVA) such as Google’s Alexa to manage call center volumes. AIVA can be used to help understand the intent behind what someone is saying and can be used to help customers reschedule deliveries and get answers to passport questions through their AIVA devices and provide great customer experience.  


Together, both AExD and AIVA technologies more accurately predict parcel deliveries and can provide consumers with more transparency to know where their shipment is and when they can expect it — and improve customer satisfaction overall.  


The USPS and Beacon Technology


The USPS also has plans to implement beacon technology to improve package delivery. Beacon technology, which consists of small, wireless transmitters that use low-energy Bluetooth technology to send signals to other smart devices nearby, such as IoT infrastructures, could allow businesses to track their packages in real-time.   


Beacon technology could also help ensure that packages are delivered on time and without any issues throughout the delivery journey. This visibility has the potential to provide security for packages of high value or importance, such as fine jewelry or prescription medicines. Lastly, beacon technology could be used to help businesses recover lost or stolen packages. 


Businesses Can Save Money with AI and Beacon Technology


The adoption of AI and Beacon technology could save businesses money in the future. Overall, the USPS is using a variety of different technologies and processes to improve package delivery for businesses of all sizes.  By using these technologies, businesses can save time and money while also providing a better customer experience. 


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If you are interested in learning more about the USPS and its shipping solutions, or want to take advantage of automated packaging equipment, bagging machines, and pharmacy automation solutions, contact us today to learn more. 


Source: NPF 2022 Presentation, “Latest and Greatest in Postal Technology” by Peter Klausner Director, Emerging Business Technology at USPS. 


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