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labor supply and shortages

The Perfect Fit

Part 2, Packaging Solutions for Labor Shortages 

In my previous post, I discussed how our HPS-300 Variable Length Poly Bagging System can help solve a need for sustainable packaging solutions by creating less waste inside and outside of the package. Now, we’ll explore how the HPS-300 can help organizations overcome issues related to labor shortages.  


The “Why” Behind Labor Shortages 


Labor shortages, especially for warehouse workers, were a challenge prior to the Covid-19 pandemic and have since become exacerbated, with more than 19 million US workers having quit their jobs since April 2021.  


Financial incentives in the form of higher hourly rates are simply not working in terms of attracting new, quality and long-term talent. Instead, they attract short-term employees and tend to cause loyal, tenured associates to become disgruntled if they are not also financially rewarded. Secondly, the days of endless labor supplied at low wages are long gone. Associates seek a work/life balance, recognition and rewarding, enjoyable work. This means flexible schedules, time off when needed and reduced physical requirements of the job when possible. 


The answer for improvement in labor shortages and related associate satisfaction lies in automation. Companies can incorporate it to help reduce physical demands, training and overall staffing with their labor force and get packages to customers in a shorter amount of time. 


The Ideal Automation Solution: Tension’s HPS-300 


The HPS-300 variable length poly bagging system creates right-sized packages to reduce packaging waste and uses cost-effective C-Fold poly film material with a heat seal to create a tamper-resistant, durable package. 

Designed specifically for shipping variable size items, the HPS accepts a continuous stream of products, determines the optimum size for the length and creates a finished package. It’s an ideal solution for packaging clothing, soft goods, shoes and boxed items. It is also modular in design, which enables us to add different features depending on customers’ needs, such as rate shopping, weight verification and pre-weights.  


The HPS-300 can act as a standalone system and/or be integrated into a current production line. It integrates with transport management (TMS) and warehouse management (WMS) software, and can be easily combined with weighing, print and apply and sorting systems. 


More Packages, Less Labor 


The HPS-300 helps our customers to boost productivity with less labor. With capabilities of up to 18 packages per minute, the HPS-300 enables distribution centers to increase throughput versus manual packaging processes.  


Quality-built for long runs, the HPS-300 uses cost-effective material, reduces labor costs (and need), and packages about four to five times faster than manual hand packing.  


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