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Warehouse Management Solutions

You have a warehouse. We have warehouse management solutions.


Managing a warehouse isn’t easy. Inventory management, staff utilization and order fulfillment efficiency can be a moving target—a puzzle where all the pieces seem to shift before your very eyes.


That’s where our solutions come in.


With Tension, you’ll have the technology to optimize warehouse inventory management and best-in-class, intuitive usability to increase the production of your staff. Additionally, you’ll be empowered by the flexibility of our systems to create a custom solution to maximize your efficiency.

Conveyor Systems

Tension custom conveyor systems safely move packages, cartons, boxes, totes, and parcels in both high volume and precision sort applications. These flexible systems adapt to your business needs and allow for simple connectivity and fast installation.

Sortation Systems

Optimize warehouse order fulfillment with Tension’s line of sorting technology. Maximize space in your distribution center while increasing item sorting rates and decreasing labor costs. Our sorters are designed with package throughput and efficiency in mind.

Bagging Systems

Boasting a small footprint and delivering big results, our automated Polybaggers are mounted on casters for mobility and offer versatility and ease of use. Built to deliver maximum efficiency with minimal training, these automatic bagging systems package both soft and durable goods.

“Success demands flexibility because innovation is a constant.
This is ingenuity at work.”