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automated eCommerce fulfillment

Reduce Labor in your eCommerce Warehouse with SLAM Systems 


SLAM systems, or SCAN, LABEL, APPLY, MANIFEST systems, offer eCommerce order fulfillment centers and warehouses a means to reduce labor costs (in addition to several other benefits). 


Did you know labor costs constitute, on average, 65% of most warehouse facilities’ operating budgets?


Located in the last 100 feet of the order fulfillment process, a SLAM label applicator system can offer a variety of benefits to an eCommerce and order fulfillment center, warehouse or B2B shipping facility (including some that positively affect your bottom line or net profits!).


Automate Repetitive Tasks to Optimize Labor


A SLAM line can help optimize labor in your warehouse by automating many of the tasks associated with order fulfillment.


By automating repetitive labor tasks, your labor force is free to do job tasks that may be of greater interest to them – improving associate satisfaction and potentially team dynamics.


From a cost perspective, task automation can lead to reduced labor costs by a factor of four!


Improve Warehouse Safety


Automation can help improve safety in order fulfillment operations just by automating some of the repetitive tasks that pose a risk to workers. This is a no-brainer when you consider the numbers:


A Positive Ratio: Along with improved safety comes improved associate satisfaction – a win-win for all involved in your operations of order fulfillment services.


Increased Package Throughput


A great benefit of a SLAM system is that it can drive accuracy and speed, ultimately leading to higher package throughput. With a SLAM system in place, order accuracy is built into the process.


SLAM lines feature quality checks throughout the process such as scanning an LPN (license plate number) barcode on the carton or package to ensure that it is attached directly to the proper package.


Once the Print and Apply label applicator is attached, the LPN barcode and shipping label are scanned to verify the correct package is going to the correct customer.


Additional options that can be included in the SLAM line include a scale and DIM system with integrated rate shopping to save on shipping cost. This all-in-one system compares the actual parcel weight with the expected weight sorts packages to the correct shipping carrier chute using the package barcode. This all can be done at a rate of 15 – 25 packages per minute with accuracy.


Find Low Shipping Rates and Reduce Carrier Costs


SLAM systems can also help reduce shipping costs by having the correct weight and DIM of the box packaging or bag. Fast shipping rate shopping software helps to save on carrier costs and optimize order fulfillment.


Additionally, right-sized automated packaging equipment, such as Tension’s HPS-300 variable length packaging system, can reduce excess package waste and help reduce shipping costs by up to 18% when the package is rate shopped on your SLAM line. 


With the option of adding sortation to your line, this reduces labor costs when compared to manual package sorting to different carriers and service levels.


Consolidated Workstations


Another benefit of SLAM systems is that they can help consolidate shipping workstations. With a SLAM system in place, there is no need for multiple shipping stations by carrier.


All orders can be sorted at the end of the fulfillment process and then shipped out from one central location. This consolidation can lead to a 50% reduction in shipping stations, freeing up more space in the warehouse for production and inventory storage.


Contact Tension Packaging & Automation


From increased throughput to reduced labor costs, SLAM systems can offer a multitude of advantages to an eCommerce fulfillment services or warehouse operation.


Looking for ways to improve your operational efficiency and net profits? Consider investing in a system that is sure to be a SLAM dunk for your organization.


Tension offers a full suite of automated packaging equipment including automated bagging machines, conveyor systems, sorters, print and apply labelers and more. Contact an expert at Tension to discuss today.


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