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Product Spotlight: HPS-300
Variable Length Poly Bagging System

One in an occasional series to highlight popular products.

A recent survey by McKinsey & Company highlighted that more than 75% of specialty retail supply chain leaders have made 2-day delivery a priority, and 42% are aiming for same-day delivery by 2022.

Subsequently, competitive changes in the retail space have driven customer expectations. Consumers increasingly seek convenience from companies they choose to do business with in the form of expedient deliveries and delivery options, while the companies grapple with how to deliver in this environment in terms of their operational efficiencies.

Retailers who seek efficiencies in their packaging operations can benefit from Tension’s HPS-300 horizontal packaging system.

What is HPS-300? eCommerce packaging solutions

Designed specifically for shipping variable-sized items, the HPS-300 variable length poly bagging packaging system accepts a continuous stream of products, determines the optimum size for the length of the package, applies a shipping label and creates a finished package. It features a built-in print and apply labeling section and next bag out technology, assuring your customer’s packages is accurately bagged, sealed and labeled. In typical operations, the HPS-300 can produce 8 to 18 packages per minute.* And with the strong, cost-effective C-Fold poly film material, the HPS-300 creates a sturdy package that is securely sealed with Tension’s proprietary heat seal technology.

*Actual throughput is dependent upon multiple factors including staffing productivity and performance, workflows, data interfaces and availability of product to the system.

HPS-300 Benefits

In addition to its ability to accept a continuous stream of variable-sized items, the HPS-300 features a variety of other benefits:

  • Right-sized Packaging: Variable length provides a tighter, smaller package and saves on material costs.
  • Accurate Orders: Built in print-n-apply labeling system with Next Bag Out technology.
  • Ease of Operation: HMI touchscreen control panel takes the guesswork out of operation.
  • Adaptable: Integrates with your WMS and TMS software systems.
  • Secure: Heat sealing method creates a sturdy seal for your package.
  • Flexible Package Sizes: Can create packages up to 21.5″ wide x 30″ long with a 7″ pass thru.

Popular Options for the HPS-300

A variety of options are available based on your needs and configurations. Some include:

  • Inline scale
  • Package sorting system for multiple carriers & service levels
  • Belted infeed and exit conveyor
  • Shrink Tunnel
  • Workstations and a Put-to-Pack Wall
  • Middleware software integration with optional productivity reporting

Additionally, a unique sorting system can be added to create your complete package processing system.

Who Needs the HPS-300? HPS300 video

Tension’s HPS-300 is an ideal eCommerce packaging solution for apparel and shoe companies, especially if they need a system to handle a continuous stream of variable sized items. The HPS-300 is also a good solution for companies who package soft goods and boxed items, such as bed linens or other household items.

Watch the HPS-300 in Action

Seeing is believing: Watch this video of how our HPS-300 accepts a continuous stream of products, determines the optimum size for the length and creates a finished package.

Want More Information?

Give your eCommerce and fulfillment operations a boost toward more efficiencies in 2022 with an HPS-300 variable length poly bagging packaging system. Contact us to get started today, or check our product page for more details.


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