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Product Spotlight: Tension WorkFlow System Pharmacy Management Software


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The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the critical role pharmacies play in American healthcare. As the demand for high-value pharmacist services such as vaccinations, medication therapies, and drug management for acute illness remains strong, so does the need for effective pharmacy management software and workflow tools.


Pharmacy workflows can assign pharmacy technicians various tasks in the pharmacy, allowing pharmacists more bandwidth to provide high-value services and ultimately deliver more satisfying patient experiences.

Infuse intuitive, efficient, and intelligent pharmacy software solutions in your pharmacy with Tension’s Pharmacy Workflow Software system (WFS).


What is the Tension Pharmacy WorkFlow Software (WFS)?


Through an interface with front-end pharmacy software systems, the Tension WorkFlow Software (WFS) is a pharmacy management software system that accepts order requests that have been fully adjudicated and confirmed ready for processing. Then, it facilitates the prescription through dispensing, pharmacist verification (PV), packaging and manifesting.

WFS helps all types of pharmacies, including mail order, central fill, and specialty pharmacies, seamlessly manage the back-end processing of prescription and non-prescription items.


Tension WFS Pharmacy Management Software Benefits


Tension Pharmacy WorkFlow pharmacy management software is well-suited for automated pharmacy dispensing systems:

  • Easy to Use – Dedicated workstations allow operators to focus on the task at hand in your automated pharmacy.
  • Streamlined – Process a prescription in a fraction of the time it takes to process a prescription with a manual process.
  • Adaptable – Easily integrates with front end pharmacy technology applications. This back-end workflow software system can be modified to fit your unique workflows or customized to meet your specific pharmacy needs.
  • Accurate – Accuracy is built into every step of the process with barcode scan verification of products, patient labels, documentation, and packaging.
  • Intuitive – Intuitive user interfaces are efficiency-focused and designed to reduce training efforts, increase throughput and eliminate mistakes in your pharmacy operations.
  • Performer – The entire workflow is designed toward maximum throughput and performance without sacrificing quality.
  • Intelligent – Intelligent order induction for the pharmacy dispensing software determines the best processing method for each item dispensed.


Who Needs Tension Pharmacy WorkFlow Software?


Tension’s WorkFlow Software system is ideal for pharmacies that need an easier-to-learn and intuitive processing system for their pharmacy workflow.

Pharmacy managers seeking to increase accuracy and performance in their pharmacy operations can benefit from Tension’s Pharmacy WorkFlow Software, as it offers an environment that minimizes operator error as medications are scanned, logged and tracked in efficient, dedicated workstations.


Pharmacy technicians/operators will also appreciate the ergonomic, minimalistic approach and ascetically pleasing user interfaces.


Want More Information?


Give your pharmacy operations a boost with Tension’s Pharmacy WorkFlow pharmacy management software. Contact us to get started today, or check our product page for more details.

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