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WorkFlow Software System (WFS)

Improve the efficiency and profitability of your mail order or central
fill pharmacy with advanced Pharmacy Management Software.

Bring accuracy and efficiency to your mail order, central fill, specialty or hospital outpatient pharmacy. Transform fully confirmed order requests into prescriptions that are accurately and quickly dispensed, verified, packaged and manifested. It’s pharmacy management software that powers the best workflow tools in the pharmacy automation business.

Orders delivered with an efficiency-focused, intuitive user interface.

Dedicated workstations allow operators to focus on the task at hand in your automated pharmacy.

This back-end workflow software system can be modified to fit your unique workflows.

Intuitive user interfaces are efficiency-focused and designed to reduce training efforts, increase throughput and eliminate mistakes in your pharmacy operations 

Accuracy is built into every step of the process with barcode scan verification of products, patient labels, documentation, and packaging.

Intelligent Induction

Intelligent order monitoring determines the best processing method for each item dispensed.

Optimal Performance

Designed for optimal efficiency, the entire workflow is built for increased productivity from start to finish.


Our system is built to deliver prescriptions significantly faster than exclusively manual processes.

How the Pharmacy Software System Works*

Tension’s WorkFlow Software System includes:

*Workflows are determined by pharmacy operations, need and design and may vary. Consult an expert at Tension for a workflow to drive efficiency in your pharmacy.