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Pre-packaging Centers

While your products may come out of a box, your solutions shouldn’t.

Our pharmaceutical packaging services are customized to work with your packaging center. At Tension, our plans are not pre-packaged. Instead, our custom packaging services recommendations are curated and designed for you.

From large-scale order fulfillment systems to modular, single automated units, Tension Packaging & Automation creates a best-in-class solution using field-tested equipment to meet your specific goals.

We will leverage our e-commerce-ready packaging and bagging machines to increase your speed, accuracy, and efficiency in your order fulfillment to create distribution-ready packaging

Automated Bagging Machines

Efficient and intuitive, Tension's Polybaggers package both soft and durable goods. As part of your automation arsenal, these machines are built to deliver maximum efficiency with minimal training. Our Polybaggers will deliver versatility and ease of use.

Automated Bagging and Sorting System

The one-two punch of PACK+SORT technology will allow you to engage a system built for your needs. Tension's PACK+SORT combines the high-impact HPC-H4 (Horizontal PolyBagger and Conveyor) along with our high-speed bi-directional transfer sort module .

TEN Tuff Polybags

Ship with confidence using the safety, security, and efficiency of TEN Tuff Polybags. With the flexibility of transparency or opacity combined with both strength and durability, your apparel packaging bags will make the statement that best fits your brand.

“Success demands flexibility because innovation is a constant.
This is ingenuity at work.”