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Pregis 24™ Packaging System

Pregis MAX 24™ packaging system for large contents

With a Pregis MAX 24™ packaging system, the entire procedure is completed in seconds. A poly bag machine you can trust, easily boost seal packaging speeds as the next bag is automatically prepared with the vacuum to assist in keeping the process moving efficiently. The Pregis MAX 24™ packaging system ensures high-quality packaging every time.


  • A faster vacuum sealer machine with huge gains in throughput
  • Easily adjustable seal flattener allows settings to be saved in the HMI
  • Job recall saves all parameters–no need to adjust HMI settings when switching jobs
  • Features a drop shelf for fast and easy bag changeovers
  • Reduced cycle times with the lightweight aluminum jaw
  • Troubleshoot quickly on the PC-based system with manuals and video clips on the HMI
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Customized eCommerce Software

Tension meets your complex software needs.

Tension provides customized software solutions which will integrate seamlessly in your eCommerce packaging operation. Our smart software is developed to communicate with the different systems customers have in place. Plus, it uses common design platforms to make it easier for operators to transition from multiple workstations.