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D2C eCommerce Solutions

The consumer is changing. Change with them.


There was a time when product packaging was all about capturing eyes on a shelf. Now, thanks to D2C ecommerce, more and more customers are shopping from a device. Shelf appeal is irrelevant. They experience your brand from your online UX and arrival of your product. This rise of direct to consumer sales provides an opportunity to offer a unique and satisfying unpacking experience. Tension can help you elevate a simple package delivery into a full brand experience with full color graphics and protective packaging that will withstand the shipping process.

Bagging Systems

Create ready-to-ship packages in seconds with our bagging machines. Tension Automation Polybaggers are easy to use and require minimal employee training, helping to enhance labor efficiency. These versatile solutions package both durable and soft goods to deliver maximum efficiency.

Cold Seal Packaging

Increase your productivity and peace of mind with our cold seal equipment for packaging and labeling your goods. Deliver with confidence when you go with sturdy, water-resistant TEN Tuff bagging—perfect for D2C distribution. Double layered and lined with durable latex coating, TEN Tuff packages are designed to protect your items during the rigors of shipping for a better brand experience.

Conveyor Systems

With an emphasis on flexibility, our roller conveyor system boasts easy-to-adjust customization to better meet your eCommerce fulfillment needs. Effortlessly fine-tune this system to provide the most efficient and cost-effective process to safely move your products.

Sorting Systems

With package throughput and efficiency in mind, our line sorting technology increases speed while decreasing labor time. Built for versatility, you can enjoy options for multiple carriers and services as well as for packages of various shapes, sizes and weights.

Fulfillment Software

Built with the D2C business model in mind, our eCommerce and fulfillment software solutions are designed for adapting to rapid changes and additions, reducing operator strain and increasing productivity. Flexible interfaces meet your unique workflow needs and easily integrate with most TMS and WMS systems, making this ideal for direct to consumer sales.

“Success demands flexibility because innovation is a constant.
This is ingenuity at work.”