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SP900 Batch Run Autopacker

The S900 is the Ideal Cold Seal Autopacker for Batch Packaging.

Tension’s SP900 batch packaging cold seal machine is fast and easy to use, operating significantly faster than hand-packing operations. Using protective cold seal packaging material, the SP900 is ideal for batch packaging runs of the same or similarly sized items.

The SP900 is popular with book publishers and has applications in the automotive, medical, building products, and light manufacturing industries.

  • Creates sturdy packages with a protective “pouch”
  • Eliminates the need for void fill
  • Has low electrical requirements

Great for high-volume packaging, this horizontal, double-web batch packaging machine starts instantly with no warm-up time. It enables additional operator flexibility with dial-in length control and hand or automatic feed options.

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Customized eCommerce Software

Tension meets your complex software needs.

Tension provides customized software solutions which will integrate seamlessly in your eCommerce packaging operation. Our smart software is developed to communicate with the different systems customers have in place. Plus, it uses common design platforms to make it easier for operators to transition from multiple workstations.