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LDU Flex Dispensing System

The LDU Flex Dispensing System is the ideal solution for high-volume pharmacy automation

This automatic med dispenser is ideal for operations requiring efficient and accurate dispensing of high volumes of Unit of Use meds.

Designed for high-volume pharmacy automation, the LDU Flex Dispensing System is built to improve your packaging system.

  • Both bottles and boxes can be handled in the LDU (Linear Dispensing Unit) with dispensing, labeling, and verification right on the machine (in some states, no need to send items to a second pharmacist for verification)
  • Orders can start at the LDU or any manual station within the system
  • Automatic med dispensing and a unique 3-level tote handling conveyor to handle manually dispensed items, verification, and packaging
  • Fits in 5,000 sq. ft. and can process 12,000+ items per shift depending on pill counting robot configuration
  • Supercharge your LDU Flex System by adding the high-volume JumpStart Plus module with high-speed pill-counting robots

Exclusive to Tension, the LDU Flex is the first of its kind in high-volume pharmacy automation systems

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Pharmacy Automation Software Solutions

Provides a seamless transition for pharmacy products on the move.

This software system manages the back-end processing of prescription and non-prescription items for orders delivered from a front-end environment. Tension WorkFlow Software (WFS) accepts order requests that have been fully confirmed, ready for processing. Then, it facilitates the prescription through dispensing, pharmacist verification (PV), packaging and manifesting.