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Service and Support

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Service, Support and Maintenance

Our relationship does not end after installation. Tension’s sales and support team remain committed to your success throughout the life of your product or contract. Standard and premium customer service plans are available to meet your ongoing needs for support. Tension’s options let you select a maintenance plan that works for you.


Supporting documentation and manuals

Provided for your team’s reference throughout the machine’s lifetime. In some cases, training manuals are accessible through the system’s HMI.


Service Agreement

In addition to the training provided to your staff and the support delivered by an ongoing service agreement, Tension warranties your system. Tension has the industry’s best warranty, covering the system for 365 days on non-wear parts and labor.

Smiling employee Russell, with Tension Packaging & Automation, provides maintenance to equipment.


We support our products with on-call troubleshooting and complete training opportunities. Learn best practices for running your new equipment and make certain everything is being done properly. Ensure your operators and technicians are prepared and confident.

Operators gain a knowledge of:

  • HMI and system operation
  • Fault recovery
  • Replenishment

After training, technicians will:

  • Gain the base knowledge imparted to operators
  • Know how to perform general maintenance
  • Understand the machine’s mechanical and electrical systems
  • Comprehend system mechanical drawings and schematics
  • Know the machine’s spare parts requirements