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Single Vial Packaging

All-in-one vial packaging solution for pharmacies

Tension’s single vial packaging machine for pharmacies, known as the Single Vial Packer (SVP), automates vial packaging, including bottles. Save on labor and expenses with pharmaceutical vial packaging that boosts your mail-order, central fill, or specialty pharmacy. With the SVP three-step order verification process, you have assured accuracy every time. The mid-output system:

  • Prints and folds patient-specific paperwork
  • Labels shipping bag with patient or clinic information
  • Vial packaging automatically dispenses prescription bottles and paperwork into a bag
  • Diverts non-conforming bottles and vials for further inspection

The SVP vial packaging machine reads the barcode on your patient’s bottle or vial and then prints patient-specific documentation. The bottle or vial is automatically placed into a polyfilm shipping bag with the other documents. The shipping label is printed, and the bag is sealed and automatically placed onto an outbound conveyor.

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Single Vial Packaging Machine

Pharmacy Automation Software Solutions

Provides a seamless transition for pharmacy products on the move.

This software system manages the back-end processing of prescription and non-prescription items for orders delivered from a front-end environment. Tension PharmaPATH workflow software system accepts order requests that have been
fully confirmed, ready for processing. Then, it facilitates the prescription through dispensing, pharmacist verification (PV), packaging and manifesting.