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SP600 Box Style Autopacker

The SP600 creates 3D box-style packaging with cohesive cold seal material

Safeguard your customers’ orders with Tension’s SP600-3D. This versatile cold seal box packaging machine automatically creates 3D box-style packages for a wide variety of applications.

The SP600-3D’s box packaging delivers an extra layer of defense for your products. Using TEN Tuff cohesive cold seal packaging material, the bottom layer is creased and forms a cavity to hold the product. Then the top layer of TEN Tuff is applied as a protective lid to carry the shipping label.

  • Seal N’ Apply options to create ready-to-ship packages
  • Machine operation and setup are done through the touchscreen
  • Packs significantly more than typical hand-packing operations

Your SP600 automated box packing machine can be customized to meet your specific order fulfillment needs. Scan, package, weight capture, and label. Tension’s SP600-3D is designed to save money, improve productivity, and better utilize your warehouse space.

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Customized eCommerce Software

Tension meets your complex software needs.

Tension provides customized software solutions which will integrate seamlessly in your eCommerce packaging operation. Our smart software is developed to communicate with the different systems customers have in place. Plus, it uses common design platforms to make it easier for operators to transition from multiple workstations.