About Tension Packaging & Automation

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Tension Packaging & Automation helps customers increase throughput, efficiency and accuracy through automation. Serving customers in the Internet order fulfillment business as well as mail-order, central-fill, hospital, retail and specialty pharmacies, Tension's services include:

  • Automation solutions

  • Software

  • Consumables

  • Support services

Solution-Oriented Approach

From design-build through integration, Tension creates customer-specific solutions using proprietary systems and field-tested equipment. Tension's solution-oriented approach is based on listening to customer needs and recommending the best solution based on the pharmacy or distribution center's unique goals and opportunities. Working collaboratively with the customer, Tension designs and integrates customized automated solutions that are fully scalable for any floor plan.

Customer Commitment

From ideation to installation, startup through full-scale operation, rely on Tension's equipment and our commitment. Tension's ongoing service and support programs ensure that your system is up and running when you need it.

Tension works with vetted, industry-leading partners and suppliers to provide best-in-class solutions proven to drive efficiencies through automation. 

Ingenuity at Work

Innovative ideas are at the core of Tension's culture. This creative approach drives recommendations and product development. A dedicated design and engineering team continually works to create unique, industry-exclusive products that help improve efficiencies and workflows.


With its long history of adapting to the changing needs of customers, parent company Tension Corporation entered the automated packaging industry in the early 2000s. Tension's long standing center of excellence in engineering made the move a natural fit to diversify and grow the business. Throughout its history, Tension manufactured packaging envelopes for numerous uses, such as photo finishing, compact discs and gift cards. In addition, Tension's history of designing all-in-one machinery for envelope manufacturing spurred an engineering mindset throughout its leadership. Providing automated machinery and consumables, such as polybags, proved a solid extension of the business.

In 2005 Tension Packaging & Automation acquired Maverick Enterprises, Inc., of Longmont, Colorado. The acquisition made it possible for Tension to expand its product line with additional engineering resources for its automated systems. Tension Packaging & Automation is headquartered in Kansas City, Mo. with regional sales offices across the United States and Asia.