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MODEX24 Team

MODEX 2024 Highlights Cost Performance Through Automation 

MODEX 2024, the premier trade show for supply chain professionals, wrapped up in Atlanta last week. Held from March 11 to March 14 at the Georgia World Congress Center, MODEX 2024 provided over 45,000 supply chain professionals and 1,200 exhibitors a glimpse into the future of our industry. From robotics to software to sustainability to right-sized packaging, leading suppliers and thought leaders had the opportunity to discuss supply chain needs and focus on cost performing solutions. 


Right-Sized Packaging for Right-Sized Cost Savings 


“The more you ship, the more you save.” This was the simple message from Sean Webb, Director of Automated Packaging Solutions from Sparck Technologies, in his education session, “Innovations in Right-Sized Automated Packaging: Leveraging Labor, Operational and Transportation Efficiencies to Build a Solid Business Case.” Webb was referring to the ROI in terms of labor, transportation and actual package shipping costs that are gained by shipping packages in a right-sized carton; the ROI increases as more packages are shipped. 


Right-sized packaging systems not only offer major cost-savings but can also offer savings in terms of efficiencies. The Tension Packaging & Automation team introduced our own innovative right-sized packaging system, fitPACK 500, to market at MODEX 2024. The cost-savings it offers in reduced shipping costs through a right-sized package proved compelling to the booth attendees, yet they were equally enthusiastic about fitPACK’s abilities to create a custom package for a variety of product(s) sizes (this was especially intriguing for the representees from 3PLs, where product mixes run the gamut!) without the need to batch or perform roll changeovers. 


Attendees were also delighted about fitPACK’s sustainable focus. The fitPACK 500 Right-Sized Packaging System design features all-electric components versus higher power-consuming pneumatic systems, resulting in reduced energy consumption.  


Cost Savings Through Innovative Technologies 


One of the standout features of MODEX 2024 was the unveiling of groundbreaking automation technologies that revolutionize supply chain operations, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).  


The concept of how automation reduces labor was also highlighted as an obvious path to cost savings, but one that must be analyzed for the “right fit” for an organization in terms of ROI as Ed Romaine, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Conveyco stated in his session, “50% Labor Savings – Technologies & Hacks for 10 Warehouse & DC Applications.” For example, using robotic arms for case cutting could reduce the need for up to five full-time employees (FTE) per shift and allow them to focus on value-added roles, but the actual number of FTEs would depend on factors involved with each application.  


Packaging Material Savings Through Sustainability 


Sustainability took center stage at MODEX 2024. In addition to fitPACK 500 and its sustainable features, our team had the opportunity to showcase the newly launched Max Pro 18 Paper Bagger from our partners at Pregis. This fixed-sized paper bagging system offers a means to package goods with recyclable and sustainably sourced paper, a welcome technology for attendees tasked with sourcing paper-only packaging for their order fulfillment. 


Contact the Experts at Tension Packaging & Automation 


Once again, MHI delivered another fantastic event as MODEX 2024 provided valuable insights into the future of logistics and the evolving landscape of the supply chain industry. New innovations in right-sized packaging for cost savings and sustainable packaging were key trends of #MODEX24, and our team was thrilled to showcase these technologies for attendees to see.  


For more details on the fitPACK 500 or other information, contact an expert at Tension today.   


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