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Sam Low, Software Engineer

Whether you’re running a mail order, central fill, specialty, or hospital outpatient pharmacy, there’s no room for error in filling prescription and nonprescription orders. It’s also not acceptable to sacrifice speed for accuracy—when patients are waiting on their medications, they rely on their pharmacy to supply exactly what they need when they need it.


Unfortunately, the process of taking fully confirmed order requests and turning them into prescriptions that have been accurately and quickly dispensed, verified, packaged, and manifested is full of opportunities for mistakes and inefficiencies to creep in, especially when a growing volume of orders threatens to overwhelm your current capacity. Whether you’ve automated dispensing, fulfill orders manually, or have a hybrid setup, Tension Automation’s WorkFlow Software (WFS) System is an easy-to-use back-end solution that optimizes efficiency and increases productivity from start to finish.


How does WFS make your job easier while giving you the peace of mind of knowing that every order is going out accurately filled? Here are the top four benefits of our software:


1.Dedicated Task Workstations – Everybody knows that systems that require multiple tasks and processes per screen inevitably slow things down, forcing users to continually shift gears as they complete steps. Worse, attempting to speed up such layered tasks to keep up with demand can cause mistakes. Our dedicated workstations allow your pharmacy technician or pharmacist to focus on one thing at a time, resulting in reduced processing time overall. The operator is able to excel at a single task rather than juggling many.


2.Accuracy Scans – Barcode scan verification means that accuracy is literally built into every step of the process. Reduce time lost to correcting errors.


3.Rapid Processing Time – Scans don’t just enhance accuracy; they also only take seconds to process. (Compare that to the time it would take an operator to read and verify a label, feeling confident they’d gotten it right.) In addition, WFS is programmed for intelligent order monitoring, determining the fastest processing method for each item dispensed. In combination, these allow for higher throughput.


4.Touchscreen-Based User Interface – Our UI is simple, intuitive, and designed to reduce training efforts, increase throughput, and eliminate mistakes. Color-coded direction buttons on the human-machine interface (HMI) direct users to the next step in the process, telling them exactly what to do. Our software eliminates the need to use a cumbersome keyboard AND mouse alongside a touchscreen.


Made for You: Adaptable and Customizable


The beauty of our back end pharmacy WorkFlow Software is not just that it speeds up accurate pharmacy order fulfillment, but that it is designed to be modified to fit your unique workflows, rather than trying to shoehorn your operations into a one-size-fits-all box. We also know that a successful operation is one that changes, so WFS can also be adapted to add additional processes as your company grows.


Tension’s WFS also includes a customizable dashboard that gives you at-a-glance visibility into your operations. Track your inventory, monitor which orders have been fulfilled, and stay on top of your output targets. This too can be customized as your business grows and evolves, depending on what data points you need to track.


Best of all, WFS is backed by Tension’s outstanding customer service. We’re here to ensure that your system is fully customized to the workflow of your pharmacy operations, to provide the necessary training to get your workforce up to speed, and to help you realize the full value of your investment. We’re also here to provide ongoing support and customization as needed so your system always keeps pace with the needs of your business.


Your Source for Pharmacy Solutions


As a leader in packaging equipment and automation systems specializing in pharmacy and eCommerce, Tension Packaging & Automation is dedicated to helping our customers optimize productivity with results-driven solutions. To find out more about how our back end pharmacy WorkFlow Software can improve the efficiency and profitability of your pharmacy operation, contact us here today.


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