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Your brand experience, delivered.
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Your brand experience, delivered.

Online clothing shopping grows exponentially each year, and your packaging solutions need to keep up. Tension's apparel and soft good automated packaging solutions are scalable to grow with you when need it. 


Your polybags can be customized with your logo, delivering your brand as well as an article of clothing. Or Tension's solution can be as simple as a tabletop polybagging machine. Whatever experience you'd like to convey, we'll help you with your brand story, with style.


Leveraging the power of an automated shipping system combined with our proven apparel packaging, you'll have so much more than shipping supplies - you'll have shipping solutions.

Automated Packaging Machines Polybags

Automated Bagging Machines

Efficient and intuitive, Tension's Polybaggers package both soft and durable goods. As part of your automation arsenal, these machines are built to deliver maximum efficiency with minimal training. Our Polybaggers will deliver versatility and ease of use.

Automated Bagging and Sorting System

The one-two punch of PACK+SORT technology will allow you to engage a system built for your needs. Tension's PACK+SORT combines the high-impact HPC-H4 (Horizontal PolyBagger and Conveyor) along with our high-speed bi-directional transfer sort module .

Cold Seal Autopackers

The Cold Seal Autopackers produce sturdy tear and water-resistant packages. Perfect for items that need more protection than a polybag but without the bulkiness of cardboard boxes, the two layers of TEN Tuff material, lined with latex coating, are joined to form a reliable and ready-to-ship seal.

TEN Tuff Corrugated & Linerboard Packaging Materials

Tell your brand story with TEN Tuff packaging materials. Deliver a tamper-evident, water-resistant, custom printed experience that finishes with an easy-opening device that makes your connection both tactile and emotional.

TEN Tuff Polybags

Ship with confidence using the safety, security, and efficiency of TEN Tuff Polybags. With the flexibility of transparency or opacity combined with both strength and durability, your apparel packaging bags will make the statement that best fits your brand.  

Hand-Pack Poly and Polybubble Mailers

Perfect for smaller operations that don't need the mass delivery of an automated system, our Hand-Pack Poly Mailers are self-sealing, printer-friendly, and offer water, tear, and puncture protection.