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Pet & Livestock Pharmacy

Innovative Solutions for Pet and Livestock Pharmacies


Tension’s Pet and Livestock Pharmacy Fulfillment Systems are tail-wagging solutions for all types of pet pharmacies, from online and mail order to those that fill both human and pet medications. Our solutions are built for easy integration – we can partner with you to create either a whole new custom pet pharmacy solution or connect a solution with your existing workflow. Our team of experienced developers and designers can create a custom solution that meets your specific needs or integrates our software with your existing systems.


With Tension’s Pet and Livestock Pharmacy Fulfillment Systems, you can expect more output with less labor, reduced cost per script and the ability to process more orders in your existing space.


Related Equipment

LDU (Linear Dispensing Unit)

The LDU offers accuracy, throughput and efficiency of space to optimize your central-fill, mail-order or specialty pharmacy. This fully automated, high-output system dispenses, labels and verifies units of use and prepack products that vary in shape and size.

Workflow Software

Intuitive, adaptable and accurate, the WFS pharmacy software system works with your current pharmacy automation systems to efficiently convert order requests into verified and packaged prescriptions.

SX Bagger

The Sharp SX™ Tabletop Bagging Machine has a small footprint and electric-only requirement, making it easy to install and operate. This tabletop bag sealer is suited to many different environments with maximum efficiency.



These customizable carts serve as a mobile pharmacy shelf, allowing your team flexibility through various cooler and tote sizes and designated stations for picking, labeling and verification.



Versatile, flexible and scalable, the JumpStart Plus automated pharmacy system allows for high-volume processing with small minimum prescription thresholds.

“Success demands flexibility because innovation is a constant.
This is ingenuity at work.”