TEN-Tuff® Cohesive Material

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Easy-opening device

TEN-Tuff packaging materials are tamper evident as well as water- and tear-resistant. Pick a customized printing option to let your packages tell your brand story or even include an easy-opening device to make a tactile connection with your customer. 

  • Customized

Multiple styles and levels of protection are available, plus customize with your own graphics or special openers.

  • Avoid the Void

The box- and ravioli-style packages eliminate the need for void fill.

  • Let's Stick Together

TEN Tuff's sturdy packages are formed by firmly joining two layers of latex coated, cohesive material.

  • 1. Brown Corrugate

    Brown Corrugate Package

    Fluted single-face corrugate provides the stiffness and cushioning required for bendable items such as soft-cover books.

  • 2. White/Brown Corrugate

    White/Brown Corrugate Package

    Add an outer layer of white paper to the traditional corrugate to boost your brand image. The inside remains brown while the outside is a smooth white.

  • 3. Linerboard

    Liner Board Package

    Flat linerboard is strong and bend resistant. Use it to package your specialty products securely and economically. 

  • 4. Tension Waveflute

    Tension Waveflute Package

    Create eye-catching packages with Tension's WaveFlute corrugate. Use it for a durable, unique and tactile experience.

  • 5. 3-D Style Corrugate

    3-D Style Corrugate Package

    Box-style packages are created with the fluted, single-face corrugate paper. Provides an extra layer of defense for a range of products including books, trophies or machinery parts.