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Consulting and Design Services

Is Your Pharmacy Fulfilling Its Potential?

Filling prescriptions fast, accurately and cost-effectively is not only a business goal, it keeps your patients healthy and customers happy. And when orders are coming in faster than they can be filled or when costs are rising, Tension's pharmacy automation team can provide solutions. A Tension-designed pharmacy typically includes:

  • Dispensing systems.
  • Bottle, vial or tote packaging machines.
  • Shelving and furniture.
  • Conveyors.
  • Print N' Apply applications.
  • Verification Software.
  • Maintenance and service plans.
  • Solutions for mail-order, central-fill, specialty, retail and hospital pharmacies.

When walking the floor of your mail-order, central-fill, retail or specialty pharmacy, have you experienced:

  • Pharmacists and techs tripping over each other? 
  • Totes piling up in the corner? 
  • Feeling the need to hire more people to keep up with your volume?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then Tension can help. From large-scale operations to smaller pharmacies, Tension Packaging & Automation creates a best-in-class solution using proprietary systems and field-tested equipment.

Ups Your Output with Best-in-Class Technology

Tension Packaging & Automation pharmacy systems and equipment enable:

  • High-output automation of tablet and capsule dispensing.
  • Automated dispensing, labeling, auto-verification and auto-match of prepacks, units-of-use and compliance packs.
  • Print-on-demand patient documents and medication guides.
  • Automated packaging of orders.
  • Automated manifesting and sorting outbound orders.

Design/Build, Training and Implementation

Once designed, the Tension team moves into action to build and integrate your automated solution into your central-fill, mail-order or specialty pharmacy seamlessly. A training plan is developed so your pharmacists, technicians and service team feel comfortable and ready to go. 

Service Agreement

Select a Tension Service Agreement to ensure that you can connect with your Tension Service Technician at your most critical times. Tension offers several levels of service agreements to match your pharmacy needs and budget.

Ongoing Relationship

As your business grows, so can your pharmacy automation. Tension covers a wide range of automation products, high-density shelving, pharmacy furniture and systems to support your growth. Tension starts with you at the project's inception, then assists as you add additional capacity through automation.