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Integration with a autoamtion solutions partner.

Investing in modernized systems for packaging and order fulfillment may be the logical next step for your company, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to take the plunge. Choosing the wrong equipment or the wrong provider can mean wasting money on equipment that doesn’t meet your company’s needs, or finding yourself without support when your business grows, new staff must be trained, or repairs are necessary. Too often, companies drag their feet on urgently needed upgrades precisely because they’re not sure who they can depend on to provide the right solution as well as ongoing service and support.

Tension Packaging & Automation is here to take the fear out of reaching for positive change. Our turnkey, full-service solutions for pharmacy and eCommerce allow you to reach your fulfillment and profitability goals. Our entire team helps you create efficiencies through complete packaging and automation solutions. We specialize in project design, machine and system development, installation, custom software integration, service, and support. Want to know what to expect when you choose Tension as your partner? Here are the steps in our process:

Evaluation and Recommendation: A Better Rate


Before we can create the right solution for you, we need an accurate understanding of the issues you want to address, which is why we start with a comprehensive evaluation and solution recommendation. We study your existing or projected workflow and recommend the best field-tested solutions to create efficient and reliable outputs. Then our team of applications engineers go to work designing a consultative solution.

We start with your goals and use every asset available to help you reach them. Your solution may involve full-scale systems or modular entry-point designs to help reduce labor costs, improve accuracy, and increase efficiency, depending on what is appropriate for your needs. No matter the end result, you’ll have flexible options that fit, because our systems are designed to be able to grow and adapt with your company.

Equipment Build: Fabricate


Your solution undergoes rigorous quality testing at our Aurora manufacturing plant. Here, we source, build, and test all the standard and custom solutions we create. It’s just another testament to our belief that there is no stock solution. Every option we provide is made to fit your specific needs.


Operations Integration: Integrate

As important as the physical equipment is the software needed to make it run. Our proprietary software is intuitive and adaptable, built specifically for your operational needs. It ensures your solution successfully integrates with your new or existing equipment, as well as existing software applications. It also designed to be easy to use to increase productivity and reduce operator strain.

Expert Installation: Activate

Next, our expert technicians will install your complete, seamless solution designed to boost order fulfillment speed and increase capacity in your pharmacy or eCommerce operation. Again, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. You’ll receive customized solutions for your unique challenges to ensure the answer we’ve developed delivers the results you’re looking for.

A Permanent Partner: Liberate

Our service and support doesn’t end after installation. In addition to the training provided to your staff, Tension offers flexible service agreements that give you peace of mind throughout the life of your solution. And when your system needs changes or expansions down the road, we’ll be here to update your solution to meet the evolving needs of your business.

Contact the Experts at Tension

If you’re ready to optimize your fulfillment operations but aren’t sure where to start, Tension is the partner you need to create and implement an effective strategy with the right equipment and support to meet your business goals. Our objective is to facilitate your success—period.

Want to strive for the potential you know your company is capable of? Modernize, maximize, and magnify your business with a full solutions integrated provider trusted by the business. Find out what Tension Packaging & Automation can do for you. Contact us today.


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