Pharmacy Automation Equipment

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Automated Pharmacy Systems

Trust Tension to find the industry-best solutions for successful high-output pharmacy automation. Build your pharmacy to meet today's needs while preparing for tomorrow's growth requirements.

Benefits of Pharmacy Automation Systems

  • Accuracy Assured

Tension's multi-step verification matches orders to patient records.

  • Multiple Configurations

Inbound conveyors transport bottles, vials or totes for packing and inserting of important documents. 

  • Proven Track Record

Tension's team of engineers, managers and technicians consistently deliver high-impact automated pharmacy solutions to some of the biggest names in the business.

See Our Pharmacy Automation Equipment Below

BPM Bottle Line

Linear Dispensing Unit (LDU)

The Linus LDU offers accuracy, throughput and efficiency of space to optimize your central-fill or mail-order pharmacy. This fully automated, high-output system dispenses, labels and verifies units of use and prepack products that vary in shape and size.

Bottle Packaging Machine (BPM) for Pharmacies

Increase your accuracy, throughput and efficiency. The Bottle Packaging Machine packs one to four prescriptions and patient-specific documents in print-on-demand bags, verifying accuracy multiple times throughout the packaging process.

Single Vial Pharmaceutical Packaging Machine

Automate the printing, packing and verification of your single bottle and vial scripts. Tension's Single Vial Packer saves time and cuts labor expenses, increasing the throughput of your mail-order, central-fill or specialty pharmacy.

Automated Sorting and Manifesting System

Reduce staffing requirements and minimize errors with Tension's automated Sorting and Manifesting System. Whether you are looking for a half-dozen mail delivery requirements, or your central fill has hundreds of store locations to service, the SMS can help your pharmacy optimize its space for sorting, weighing, labeling and manifesting.